Mission, Vision and Objectives


Offering a platform for discussion and sustainability of English language in Uganda.

Mission Statement

To spearhead, develop and encourage Quality teaching and learning of English Language for Sustainable Development at all levels of teaching and learning.

We therefore, call upon concerned individuals, Organizations, Companies, Institutions, and any other bodies that wish to partner with us in helping to address the above language challenges to freely post their comments on this website.

The objectives for which this Association is formed are;

5.1 To advocate for best English language and act as a strong voice for the cause of the said professionals.

5.2 To contribute significantly to the improvement of English language in the Ugandan population through the promotion of public health practices.

5.4 To influence government policy to include and address key issues of English language in its program in Uganda.

5.5 To influence Government and Academic Institutions to streamline, harmonize and standardize training of public health professionals.

5.6 To provide and act as forum for English professionals for exchange of knowledge and information on public health issues.

5.7 To address English language issues/concerns among learners and teachers

and to disseminate information related to English

5.8 5.9 To promote and stimulate research in public health related problems.

5.10 To promote, collaboration among English language Training Institutions nationally and internationally.

5.11 To promote and actively encourage excellence in training in English language in the Country.

5.12 To encourage collaboration in carrying out multidisciplinary research on common priority English language programs in the country.

5.13 To identify expertise among its members and facilitate them for English language training, research and consultancy in the country.

5.14 To promote networking among public professional by bringing together public health professionals to discuss and interact on key public health issues through annual scientific conferences, seminars and retreats.

5.15 To affiliate and collaborate with other teacher Associations or bodies and agencies.

5.16 To act as a repository for technical and Academic expertise.

5.17 At a fee to carry out consultancies on issues of English language on behalf of Government, International Agencies and funding bodies, NGO’s and Corporations of whatever nature called.