Partnerships and Engagements

UNELTA works to strengthen the capacity of teachers by engaging them in conferences and workshops, and thereafter, follow up sessions to monitor and support teachers’ implementation of the ideas and insights shared during the workshops.

UNELTA collaborates with stakeholders concerned about the quality of English Language teaching. In the past, the British Council has provided to UNELTA professional, technical and financial support; which included training of trainers on the CiPELT (Certificate in Primary English Language Teaching), funding workshops for primary school teachers on learner centered methodology, and facilitating the consequent monitoring and support interactions between the UNELTA trainers and the implementing teacher trainees. The association now collaborates with the U.S English language Fellows’ Program working towards professional development and improving the quality of education and teacher-to-teacher professional and career support.

Under the collaboration with the US Department of State, UNELTA is training teachers on 21st century effective English Language teaching methods and practices that would additionally promote socio-cultural and civic education among learners. We hold monthly training sessions during which teachers come together to share about matters concerning the Ugandan teaching context and how to mitigate adverse situations in the education sector generally and English Language teaching in particular.

Additionally, UNELTA has provided technical support by organizing and facilitating in teachers’ workshops in various parts of Uganda.

Internationally, UNELTA continues to participate in workshops and conferences that promote teachers’ professionalism and effective English Language teaching. These include conferences organized by the Association of Teachers of English in Rwanda (ATER) and those organized by HornBy School in Ethiopia among others. UNELTA is also a proud and active member of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL).

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