English Language Specialist Bridget Green trains UNELTA on Conference planning, proposal writing and workshop presentation

UNELTA, on May 4, 2019, hosted Ms Bridget Green at Makerere University. Ms Green trained UNELTA members on how to advance their professionalism and strengthen their grip on the opportunities in the teaching field. Strategies explored include attitude review, self-observations, peer observation, belonging to Professional/Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) and communing with other professionals (e.g. through book clubs, TESOL networks, conferences). For Book Clubs, Ms Green encouraged teachers to share written, audiovisual and other resources, and talk about them either formally or informally.

One more thing was very interesting at the workshop, especially UNELTA is preparing to host the African Lake Zone English Language Consortium (ALZELC) conference on August 17 & 18, 2019. Ms Green trained UNELTA teachers on how to plan conferences, write good presentation proposals and deliver the most impactful workshops.

Energized, the UNELTA members committed to participate actively in the ALZELC conference by, among others, submitting proposals to present.

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