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Professional Development – Conference opportunities 2018

At UNELTA, we cherish continuous professional development and partnerships. In 2018, there are conference opportunities which you can consider attending as a presenter or as a participant. We will continue sharing the link in this post as we receive them. Here below are some that we have learned about:

  1. Mwanza, TanzaniaInnovate, Integrate and Connect English Language Teaching – organised by the 1st African Lake Zone English Language Consortium (ALZELC) and hosted by the Tanzanian English Language Teachers’ Association. Click here for more details, or download the Call-for-Proposals-African-Lake-Zone-English. Important dates include:
    • Proposal deadline – May 20, 2018
    • Proposal acceptance notification – June 5, 2018
    • Conference – July 5-7, 2018
    • Contact the Organising team at teltdm@gmail.com
  2. Kigali, RwandaShowcasing Best Practices in English Language Teaching and Learning – organised by the Association of English Language Teachers in Rwanda (ATER). Click here to learn more about the conference. Important dates for this event include:
    • Proposal deadline: February 20, 2018
    • Acceptance Notification: March 5, 2018
    • Presenter Confirmation: March 30, 2018
    • Conference Dates: June 7-8, 2018
  3. Dakar, Senegal – Expanding Networks, Overcoming Challenges – organised by Africa TESOL. Click here to learn more about this conference.

Important dates for this event include:

  • Proposal Deadline: February 05, 2018 (New Extended Deadline)
  • Acceptance Notification: February 15, 2018
  • Presenter Confirmation: March 15, 2018
  • Pre-Conference Institute: May 4, 2018
  • Conference Dates: May 5-6, 2018

Youths’ Socioeconomic Empowerment using Enhanced English Language Skills

Call for Expression of Interest to Participate


Uganda National English Language Teachers’ Association (UNELTA) has received support from the US Department of State to implement a 1-year project to equip young teachers (22-35 years) and learners with language skills necessary to enhance their employability, entrepreneurship and economic opportunity. The project is premised on the often limited competence of young teachers and students in accessing economic opportunities in their communities, country and on the global scale. This is partly attributed to the inadequate communicative skills, including appropriate register and technical expectations, that lower youths’ and young people’s esteem and capacity to vie for such opportunities.

UNELTA’s project dubbed Youths’ Socioeconomic Empowerment using Enhanced English Language Skills (under the broader theme: “English Language for Socioeconomic Empowerment”) will conduct a series of training sessions guiding teachers on appropriate language skills to implement, with their learners, creative entrepreneurial micro projects in their schools or communities. The project targets 50 teachers from 25 schools (2 from each school). The best 3 micro projects will be awarded at the end of the project.

The Association hereby seeks expressions of interest from suitable individuals to participate in the project. Applicants will apply in pairs with colleagues from their respective schools. The pair should be ready to collaborate throughout the project period (November 2017 – November 2018) and preferably beyond.


Each individual on the applying pair:

  • Must be a practicing teacher in a Ugandan secondary school
  • Must be by age 22-35 years as the project targets young teachers and students
  • UNELTA members will be given priority. All participants are encouraged to register as members of UNELTA prior to, or in the course of, the project.

How to apply

Applicants should send application letters specifying their capacity to satisfactorily participate in the project, with relevant attachments related to their eligibility to unelta.association@gmail.com not later than Friday, December 8, 2017.

Deadline for application for vacancies on the UNELTA Executive Committee extended!

You have up to Friday 19 August, 2016 to express your interest in serving on the executive committee of UNELTA!

The General Committee of UNELTA which sat on Saturday 13 August, 2016 decided to extend the deadline to allow for members to streamline their membership obligations (including remitting their annual membership subscriptions) before they submit their applications by the new deadline.

Contestants for the post of chairperson shall pay Ugx 60,000/= and aspirants for other positions shall pay Ugx 30,000/= to:

Centenary Bank

Account No.         3010610112

Account Name:  Uganda National English Language Teachers’ Association

Election date is set for 27 August, 2016.

UNELTA is Electing!

UNELTA invited applications for the following positions on the next Executive Committee:

1. Position: President

The president, among other roles,
• Provides administrative services to the association.
• Represents the association at conferences, meetings and or seminaries.
• Manages the association`s expenditure and or finances
• Manages the human resources with the best of practices required in human resource management practices.
• Produces reports of all kinds of events to the G.A, partners and or funders.
• Ensures that each member of the executive committee does his duties as required by the committee and or the G.A.
• Coordinates and manages contracts between associations, partners, organizations and or NGOs. (more…)