Youths’ Socioeconomic Empowerment using Enhanced English Language Skills

Call for Expression of Interest to Participate


Uganda National English Language Teachers’ Association (UNELTA) has received support from the US Department of State to implement a 1-year project to equip young teachers (22-35 years) and learners with language skills necessary to enhance their employability, entrepreneurship and economic opportunity. The project is premised on the often limited competence of young teachers and students in accessing economic opportunities in their communities, country and on the global scale. This is partly attributed to the inadequate communicative skills, including appropriate register and technical expectations, that lower youths’ and young people’s esteem and capacity to vie for such opportunities.

UNELTA’s project dubbed Youths’ Socioeconomic Empowerment using Enhanced English Language Skills (under the broader theme: “English Language for Socioeconomic Empowerment”) will conduct a series of training sessions guiding teachers on appropriate language skills to implement, with their learners, creative entrepreneurial micro projects in their schools or communities. The project targets 50 teachers from 25 schools (2 from each school). The best 3 micro projects will be awarded at the end of the project.

The Association hereby seeks expressions of interest from suitable individuals to participate in the project. Applicants will apply in pairs with colleagues from their respective schools. The pair should be ready to collaborate throughout the project period (November 2017 – November 2018) and preferably beyond.


Each individual on the applying pair:

  • Must be a practicing teacher in a Ugandan secondary school
  • Must be by age 22-35 years as the project targets young teachers and students
  • UNELTA members will be given priority. All participants are encouraged to register as members of UNELTA prior to, or in the course of, the project.

How to apply

Applicants should send application letters specifying their capacity to satisfactorily participate in the project, with relevant attachments related to their eligibility to not later than Friday, December 8, 2017.

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