UNELTA Workshop on the 6 principles of exemplary teaching of English learners

The 6 principles of exemplary teaching of English learners workshop was delivered by Kimberly Gamez, the English Language Fellow Uganda

The workshop took place on 16th December 2019 at Makerere University and was attended by teachers from various regions in Uganda.

The 6 Principles are the foundation for excellence in English language teaching​. They are a core set of principles for the exemplary teaching and learning of English as a new language. They are universal guidelines drawn from decades of research in language pedagogy and language acquisition theory. The 6 Principles are targets for teaching excellence and should under gird any program of English language instruction:

  1. Know your learners.
  2. Create conditions for language learning.
  3. Design high-quality lessons for language development.
  4. Adapt lesson delivery as needed.
  5. Monitor and assess student language development.
  6. Engage and collaborate within a community of practice.
    You must implement the 6 Principles as a whole. You cannot just know your learners,
    for example, and then not act on that knowledge when you plan instruction.

After the workshop, UNELTA Leadership had lunch with the English Language Fellow to plan for further engagement. We commit to organize more of these workshops to contribute to teachers’ personal and professional development.

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